"Seaman's Beach" is a shop for divers in Shirahama.

 Dive Coruses
・Opean water
Get your C card
At the entrance
to the sea

・Level up ・Fun diving Discover
Scuba diving


Open Water Diver
This comprehensive course teaches you all the basics of diving, from dive skills to planning dives for you and your buddy. You can also use credit earned for your introductory dive.
 2 days

Level up
CMAS Advanced : 3 days / \73,500
CMAS Master Diver : 5 days/ \126,000

Fun diving

It is a course in which the certificated diver enters from a boat or a beach and enjoys diving.

Discover scuba diving
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater.
If you want to dive at once.
If you want to look in of the sea.
But somewhat worried whether he can do.
The course for those who think that he would like not to dress but to try once for before beginning completely is this diving trial program "discover scuba diving."
Discover scuba diving is targeting the inexperienced person of diving.
Please forgive that a receptionist of a diver with a certificate cannot be performed.
We recommend participating in the
Refresh course to the diver who does not have confidence in skill.


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Diving shop
"Seaman's Beach"
291 -1 Shirahama, nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Opening hours: open all year round